Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You Gotta Have Frrrrriends!

Yeah, I'm behind. Way behind. You want a piece of me? Take a number.

So lets do our best to catch up okay? Lesse where were we...

...ah, yes! Way Back Wednesday brought to you by The Kept Woman. This week she has us dredging up past friendships. BEST friends at that...*snort*. Little girls use that honor as a bargaining tool from the get go.

"If you give me the chocolate pudding for your lunch I'll be your best friend."
"If you let me sit next to cute Jimmy as the assembly I'll be your best friend."

Eventually we grow up and appreciate that ain't NOBODY taking that chocolate pudding and cute Jimmy is a loser who peaked at high school and now drives the van for a local dry cleaners.

Here's my compendium of best buds:

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