Friday, August 05, 2005

Something That Causes You Anxiety

I hate calling people on the phone. I don't even really like talking on the phone all that much, calling people just pains me. I work myself up into a full scaled tizzy to call my brother. What am I scared of? I'm afraid that if I call someone they won't recognize who I am.

Me: Hi, this is E.
Them: Who?
Me: Um, E. You know, from [fill in connection]?
Them: Hmmm, I dunno. I can't remember you.
Me: Oh, okay. Sorry to have bothered you.

Stupid? I know. Has no basis in reality. When you think about it, who doesn't have caller ID these days? It's practically clairvoyant; people know you're calling even before they pick up the phone. Fear of rejection? Sure, but who isn't? I don't know why calling people on the phone causes me such great angst, but it does.
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Big Heavy said...

that is a little goofy. give me a call and i'll help you.

Kami said...

I know who are you when you call me.

Mama C said...

I don't like to call people either! I'll get hubby to do it or EMAIL! I'll call one person to tell the others. I don't have caller ID so I can't screen calls. However, the answering machine will kick on but most people hang up by then. I feel your phobia.