Friday, August 12, 2005

SPF: The Freeway of Love

This week's Stuff Portrait Friday has a sort of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang theme. Kristine would like us to show her 1) my ride 2) one mile from home and 3) the reason I love where I live. All rightee!

My ride is a big ass Suburban. It's a gas-hungry vehicle and I wouldn't be able to maintain her appetite if I had a car payment. Yep, what's that bumper sticker say? "Don't laugh, it's paid for".

A mile away from my house to the left is a driving range. To the right is the off ramp most people take to get to Gardenridge and Target (which is 1.3 miles away from home in case you were wondering).

My family is why I love where I live. Maybe I would have chosen a place with a lower cost of living, but we've all been here for generations, so here we stay. I have my cousins (top picture), Papa has his siblings near (second picture), my kids get to grow up with their cousins (picture three) and I have my brother close to us(last picture).

Yeah, I love the casual lifestyle and the hike and bike trail and all the other cool things Austin has to offer, but my family is what keeps us here year after year. It's home.

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