Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Great Hamper Debate

I'm stymied.

I've tried putting the dirty clothes hamper in a variety of locations in order to make most efficient use of the receptacle.

It's not working.

It's been out in the hall, conveniently located next to the boy's bathroom. The clothes stayed on the floor of each of their bedrooms or on the floor of the bathroom. My favorite variation of the floor theme is when the clothes landed IN FRONT of the hamper, but not actually making it inside the little chute. WTH??

It’s been in the garage converted into three baskets for hot, warm or cold water washed clothes. The clothes are still in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the hall. At this point I’d even be okay if we could centralize to the hall. Then as I’m walking by one of the million times a day I do, I could take the clothes to their journey’s end in the garage. They’d be ever so close to their dream of clean.

I hate laundry.

1 comment:

Dy said...

Wish I could help.

It's taken me a decade to train dh to use the hamper at the foot of the bed... in addition to his regular pile next to the bed and on the bathroom floor, of course.

I've at least got J trained to use a desgnated AREA of the hallway...sometimes.