Friday, August 12, 2005

Back To School - The Rest of The Story

I started this train-wreck of a thought on our TPG blog, but felt that the rest of the story needed to be moved over here so not as to create wide spread panic as to my mental health with those who only have a nodding acquaintance with our family. I am generally not this wiggy when it comes to things of this nature. Well, I am, but at usually try not to show it. Still this is my cheap therapy, so damn the torpedos. Full speed ahead.

I’m sitting here watching the clock tick down until we can go find out J-boy’s new teacher. The anticipation is killing me. I think I’m particularly skiddish because his teacher last year (whom we both LOVED) decided to follow her calling and take a job at her church. Arrrrgggghhhh! So setting aside the fact I have to do my research all over again for Z-boy next year, this year the one thing I hoped would be a familiar site is gone! Last year when we took J-boy to his Kindergarten class I saw all the kid’s from previous years come and say hi to Ms. D. She hugged them and wished them well in first grade. What a great way to start off the year! Well, who the hell are we going to go back and see? Even the principal is different! The other principal retired. Damn.

The school took out one of the pieces of play ground equipment over the summer and the play ground seems a little sparse. I hope they put something new to replace the tire swing. The play ground has always seemed a little back-asswards to me. The teacher bench is facing in the opposite direction of the kids and there's tons of shade where nobody is but the playscape is out in full on August. Does anyone else see this as an issue?

I guess I know J-boy will be okay so I have to acknowledge my own worries. Will I make new mommy friends in his class? I was room mom last year, will they need me this year? Do I *want* to be room mom this year? Will I overcommit myself? Will I not give enough and the other mommies will think I'm a slacker? Will my child be bullied and I'll have to go in kicking ass and taking names? I am still so intimidated by all the other moms that seem to have all their "stuff" together. I constantly feel like I'm missing a page in my parent's handbook.


Does school anxiety EVER end??



Okay, I'm doing better. Nothing like information and a strong margarita to put things back in perspective.

I'm surprised about J-boy's teacher, but not displeased. I think everything will be fine. There are only 3 kids from his Kindergarten class in his first grade class this year. I figured there would be a few more, but okay. J-boy seems pleased so I can live with whatever makes him happy.


Kami said...

Great, thanks. I can't wait until my boy starts real school.

cassie said...

Elaine...Cassie know Kami's should have come and had more than one strong margarita with us last night! Baranoff posted at 5pm...we don't meet the teacher until Monday. As the kids get older, you get different anxieties(Sorry) So hop on my alcoholic bandwagon and come for a ride!!!