Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Frickin' A

Yesterday as I got out of the shower I heard the doorbell ring. My kids were in the living room watching The Backyardigans and I forgot to flip the top lock they can't reach and therefore can't open the door. So I wrap the towel around me and venture out to the hallway and hear children's voices. J-boy...okay. Z-boy...check. R., the kid around the corner...ummm, not pleased, but okay. Then what do my ears tell me? Another voice...a girl's voice. What? I call J-boy to my room and ask who is here and he tells me R. and his little sister C. His little 4-year-old sister, C.

Me: You mean they walked around the two blocks by themselves to get here?

J-boy: No, R. rode his motorcycle [read: the motorized mini cycle that is illegal on the street and for kids under 12].

Me: Ooookay. [brain kicking into damage control mode] They can stay for five minutes and then we have to go run errands.

[To myself: I have nothing planned until 2 p.m., but I can find something to do]

J-boy: Okay, Mommy, I'll set the timer.

So I'm thinking as I'm getting dressed at lightening speed, where the fuck was their mother that she let the 6-year-old bring his 4-year-old sister over here to play? Then it hits me. Oh, she's at home alright, but she's sleeping. She took a new job working from 3-11 p.m so the kids are pretty much on their own in the morning while dad is at work (he's in construction so that means sun up to sun down work schedule). My guess is she was tired and told the kids to go play over at the DHW's house.


I have chosen to stay at home with my kids, at great financial sacrifice I might add, so that I could care for *my kids*. My kids. MY kids. MY KIDS. I don't know how to make that any clearer. And while I totally get and sympathize with the plight of the working-outside-the-home mom, I would appreciate a similar understanding and consideration for my position. A phone call to check to see if it's okay if her kids come over. A little notice perhaps? Not this assumption, nay expectation, that I'm home anyway and it won't be any trouble at all.


Yes, I'm very good with kids. I do care for children at my MDO program and I have a well established community of you-take-care-of-mine-I'll-take-care-of-yours moms. I like having kids over to play, however that doesn't mean I want to be the house everyone sends their kids to when they need a nap, to run to the grocery store or visit the gynecologist. You see the difference?

So all of you who read this ranting of mine, first of all bless you, and then how do you stop this madness? I sent them home, but under the pretense of we had to go somewhere. However, I shouldn't have to feel like I'm locked out of my own house in order to keep parents from sending me their kids.


Double Damn.

The DHW, who's spell check hadn't yet learned the works "fuck" and "shit"

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bah Humbug!

I'm so over this holiday season. I would be happy if I never saw another little matchbox car again. They got about 20 and they're all over the livingroom floor. Papa took down that tree and boxed it up today while my mom and I hit a few of the after Christmas sales. And might I add I wasn't all that impressed with what was out there in terms of sales? Well, that's not entirely true. My mom bought be 4 bottles of Electric Reindeer White Zinfendel at World Market...gotta love that purchase!! That stuff is soooo good. Me and mommy polished off a bottle at Christmas dinner.

Anyway all the tinsel and crap is on my dining room table waiting to be boxed up and tucked away for another year. I purged quite a bit that I've decided just isn't my style. I went through a brief phase in decor which I call Country Bumpkin Chic. Yet another thing I'm SO over.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

We spent the day celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. We baked a cake, sang happy birthday and opened presents all for Him. At least that's our spin on it. I never quite got how the tradition of Santa Clause, etc got all comingled with Christmas, the birth of Jesus, but I figure the fact that it has gives me creative license to make of it whatever suits out family.

My favorite gift has been my Container Store pantry door stuff.

I can not believe how much it expands the space I have in my pantry. It is truely awesome. No, really it doesn't take much to get me all a-twitter. I did a few other odds and ends, but I didn't want for much this year. The boys were lavished upon by family and friends, though J-boy didn't get the one Big Gift he asked for this year. The thing of it is, buddy, your birthday is just 10 days after Christmas so we kinda gotta spread the love, ya know? The gift was was ordered and is on it's way in anticipation of said birthday, but no it wasn't under the tree. We'll just consider it a life lesson in dealing with disappointment.

One thing we did do on Christmas Eve was take some presents, donated by area agencies to Papa's work, to some of Papa's clients. Our boys got to see first hand how much need there is out there, in some cases very close to home. I'm not trying to bring them down for the holidays, but I do want them to recognize, though not rich in dollars, we are very blessed. Papa's work allows our kids the unique opportunity to see beyond their world and grasp that poor and starving isn't just across the ocean, it's right here a few miles down the road. J-boy got it, but he's a little older, and it's all about layers of life lessons, not shoving it all down their throat at once, I know.

To that end though, I feel the need to simplifiy the season. There is too much pressure to outdo each year. The truth is this Christmas we got our kids very little and still they have more than they can possibly play with over winter break. We have so many family members who have all given gifts to my boys that it seemed like a waste to throw more money at things they could not possibly remember through the haze of the other gifts. I know for some families they want to do it up big for the holidays and I respect that, but I've decided not to buy into the whole big gift = love-my-kid-more school of thought that retailers perpetuate.

I'm just saying no to all the emphasis on one day of gift giving. Thank you for your support.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Perhaps You've Noticed

I'm all out of order. Somedays you show up and there are 5 new posts. Then other days you come back and nothing. What gives? Well, I'll tell you, I have great intentions of keeping up. I dutifully start my post about whatever the topic of the day is and then hell breaks wide open. I get a barrage of questions from the little ones or interrupted by Papa and so much for my keeping on task. So when I have time I come in and finish the posts I started.

I'm a little different that other posters. I'm able to work on my blog only when Papa is at home. He tends to the boys and I get some time alone...just me and my computer. That's when I'm struck with all these wonderful and witty thoughts.

At the moment I have 5 posts in queue. That means you could possibly read some facinating tale just below something you've already seen! It's like Christmas every week of the year!

Okay would you settle for it keeps things interesting and keeps you on your toes?


Thursday, December 22, 2005


This year my inlaws are taking a new approach to the gift giving season. I've already mentioned BIL's declaration of not celebrating with us this year. Now we have a new chapter.

So far several members of my husband's family has provided us with a gift card or cold hard cash and asked us to buy for our boys, wrap it up and put it under the tree from the money giver. When my MIL first proposed this to us I'll admit I was on board. I knew my kids needed some winter clothing and with my knack for finding bargains I figured I could make that money go a long way. We even managed to put the overage into savings for the boys. Since we didn't want them to be totally bummed with getting clothes we added a little toy to each of the boxes as a salve to the jeans, long sleeved shirts and jacket.

Two days ago my SIL called and asked if she could get the boys a gift card. Yeah, that would be great! Then other BIL said he was giving cash. Just dandy. Later when Papa called them and said that we would be getting the boys something small, but nice and putting the rest into savings his sibs were none too thrilled. They wanted something *fun* for the boys.


Hey folks, it's not like I'm recovering from the week from hell, complete with a trip to urgent care for a nasty case of strep throat. I've lost four days of productivity and I'm feeling it. You feeling *me*? I do not have the time nor the inclination to battle these rabid last-minute shoppers and clearly neither did you since you've put the burden of gift buying on me. I don't mind telling you it adds more stress to the pressure of the season.

So in the frenzied midst of Target this evening while trying to find something "fun" I had a revelation. By God, I'm doing what I want. And what I want is to get the boys something small and put the rest in savings. If they have other ideas as to what my boys should get for Christmas then perhaps they ought not give us the money and buy the gift themselves?

I'm not trying to be a PITA here, really I'm not. I've just made an executive decision regarding my children and I know not everyone will be please. The complaint line forms to the back of room. Please take a number.


Monday, December 19, 2005

I Am The IT Girl

It seems the psycho-SAHM has tagged me. I knew it was coming - you can't keep tagging a crazy person and not expect some retaliation, no?

Seven Things to Do Before I Die (not in order of importance):
1. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
2. Pay off my student loan.
3. Travel across the lower 48 states in my RV. Go RVing, baby!
4. Be a part of some sort of charitable foundation. Doing what or for whom I have no idea.
5. Finish my scrapbooks.
6. Write down all our family recipies.
7. Offer an apology to anyone I have wronged (even if only to say I'm sorry they felt that way).

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Give up meat in my diet.
2. Pay full price for things.
3. Pretend I like someone when I do not.
4. Go back to work full time while my kids are young.
5. NOT forgive someone.
6. Be a participant on Fear Factor.
7. Make a snap decision.

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Spouse/Romantic Interest (not necessarily in order):
1. His quiet and yet warped sense of humor.
2. The fact that he speaks Spanish.
3. He is a provider, not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually too.
4. His absolute commitment to family.
5. He's a total people person...fascinating!
6. He is persistent to the point of tenacious.
7. He puts up with me!

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often:
1. Yeah
2. Y'all
3. Okay or mmmkay
4. Seriously
5. ... (yes, the ellipsis, I use it waay too much...stolen from psycho herself)
6. Folks
7. So

Seven Books (or series) I Love:
1. The "Little House on The Prarie" Books
2. The "Lucky" series by Jackie trash, but I love it
3. "Belinda" by Anne Rice writing as Anne Rampling (A. know you love it!)
4. Ann Rule true crime books
5. Scrapbooking idea books.
6. Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman
7. The Lottery Rose

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. Fools Rush In
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. Legally Blonde
4. Sleepless In Seattle
5. Little Women (old version)
6. Como agua para chocolate
7. Breakfast Club

Seven People I Want to Join in: (be tagged)

I'm taking The Kept Woman's approach on tagging - everyone and no one. If you played let me know. If you're looking for something to get your blog post quota filled this is the best game around.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Inlaws and Other Headaches

My BIL has decided that his family will not be celebrating Christmas. His words.

Yeah, um, okay...what exactly does that mean? Since he's in doing full time missionary work I take it to mean that it's not an issue of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Does that mean "I'm not getting you gifts, but feel free to get me one?" or does that mean nothing? Nada. I asked for clarification, but have yet to receive any which leads me to believe that I don't think even *he* knows.

I guess it's that he doesn't want to get all hepped up on the commercialism? I dunno. The thing I wonder, selfishly I'll admit, where does that leave the rest of us? Am I to assume that means he is not giving gifts and doesn't want any? Okay fine, but what about his little girl? I mean not celebrating whatever is a personal choice and I just don't think his daughter is going to get why all her cousins are getting something and she's not. That's just too much to ask a child to understand. I'm not trying to ornery...well, maybe a little...but I'm getting her a gift anyway. They can call it a "we love you just because you're you gift" for all I know or even care. But it will be wrapped in festive holiday paper.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Clap Your Hands If You Believe

I try not to post a whole lot about the kids here on this blog, but this story is just so blogworthy that I had to tell it. Feel free to move on to your next read if you don't want my gooey kid story.


You know that part in the movie Peter Pan when Tinkerbell's light goes out because Wendy doesn't believe? Well Papa and Z-boy were watching TV in bed on this ice day and Z-boy started to cry about Tinkerbell. Not that scared or obvious cry, but a sad, sappy movie sort of cry. Papa asked Z-boy if he was okay and he said "my eyes just itch, that's all dad." Papa told him is was okay to be sad about Tinkerbell and Z-boys exclaimed "Dad..."!

I started crying too it was so sweet.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WBW: Snow You Say

This week The Kept Woman has asked us to show her our snow pictures. Well, I live in the land of the sun so there ain't much of that happening. I'll give you what I got though...

There I am in the snow on Mt. Hood in Oregon. We stayed at Timberline Lodge. I love this place and I can't wait to take my kiddos back there for their own fun. If you've ever seen The Shining the outside shots were taken at Timberline Lodge including the scary ax-wielding Jack Nicholson chasing Shelley Duval in the snow scene. Good stuff...

Here is a picture of the last time we had snow in our backyard. It was Valentine's Day 2004 and the boys thought it snowed just for them. Who am I to tell them different? You can see we just had tons of the powdery white stuff. You folks in Colorado better watch out!

Here is our most recent inclement weather photo. We had an ice day this month complete with the obligatory closing of schools. Of course this being Texas everything melted by day's end and all the children were back to their routine quickly.

Stay warm!


Making Up for Lost Time

As I understand it Blogger was down recently. That's why I am late posting. Um, yeah, that's what I'm going with...

So I've been tagged again. This time the rules are: Post 10 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end of the list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.

1. I broke my collarbone when I was in 5th grade. It was over spring break so no fun for me.

2. The first boy I ever "went with" was Eric Sparwasser. He broke up with me after I cleaned out my piggy bank to take him to the arcade with MY $8 worth of change. There's a place is hell for dogs like him.

3. The thing that first attacted me to my husband was the fact he spoke Spanish.

4. My wedding vows were recited in both English and Spanish so that everyone there could understand.

5. I once worked as a telemarketer for a whole 3 hours. I never went back; not even to collect a check.

6. I am a notary public.

7. My grandfather was the first Mexican police officer on the force in our town. After he left the force he went on to work for the Capitol police. He received the Carnegie Medal of Heroism after the Capitol fire in the early 80's.

8. I have the rock my Z-boy busted his head on over the summer. I use it as a paper weight.

9. I miss my cat, Loki. He died about 8 years ago and there's never been an animal I've like as much as him.

10. I am a basket fanatic. I love little baskets full of my crap, etc.

My next tags are:


Sunday, December 04, 2005

What's The Word

"I thought this looked like fun . . .

Describe me in ONE WORD...just one word!"

I sent this out via e-mail to several people who do actually know me IRL. I was surprised at the answers. I got about 6 "fun" descriptions, a "calm", a "witty" and a "brave". I'm shocked at what people see in me, because honestly I don't see it.

So here's your chance to put your two cents in about The DHW and what you think she's all about. Be kind...please.

The DHW <---- a tad fearful of what may be revealed here

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Card Chaos

Every year I have these big plans for Christmas cards. I usually want to get all four of us in the picture, but so far that plan has been foiled at every turn. Anticipating the calendar turning over to December 1 leads me to believe I need to toast my dreams of the cozy family picture and just get something - anything - out there to family in friends. So as night begins to fall I took my two protesting children out to the backyard, slapped a santa hat on each of their heads and forced them to smile so Mama could get all her ho, ho, ho, holiday cheer out the frickin' door.

Thank GOD for digital cameras and online photolabs. The whole deed was done in 15 minutes. They're not what I planned, she says as she her suffers perfection DT's, but the cards are done. Since most of you out there in blogville aren't on my Christmas card list you get my masterpiece(s) sans the decorative boarder and seasonal sentiment, but I wish you all the best!

So whacha doing for your holiday cards?