Thursday, December 08, 2005

Clap Your Hands If You Believe

I try not to post a whole lot about the kids here on this blog, but this story is just so blogworthy that I had to tell it. Feel free to move on to your next read if you don't want my gooey kid story.


You know that part in the movie Peter Pan when Tinkerbell's light goes out because Wendy doesn't believe? Well Papa and Z-boy were watching TV in bed on this ice day and Z-boy started to cry about Tinkerbell. Not that scared or obvious cry, but a sad, sappy movie sort of cry. Papa asked Z-boy if he was okay and he said "my eyes just itch, that's all dad." Papa told him is was okay to be sad about Tinkerbell and Z-boys exclaimed "Dad..."!

I started crying too it was so sweet.



Kami said...

OMG!!!! Are you for real? Already? WOW!

Mama Duck said...

Oh my sweetness.

Beth said...

Ohhh how sweet!

JK said...

I can SO relate!
My baby girl, S, watched Spirit for the bijillionth time the other day and started BAWLING when the "girl horse" looked like she was going to die. She needed some serious cuddles to get through that "moment". hehe