Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Making Up for Lost Time

As I understand it Blogger was down recently. That's why I am late posting. Um, yeah, that's what I'm going with...

So I've been tagged again. This time the rules are: Post 10 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end of the list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.

1. I broke my collarbone when I was in 5th grade. It was over spring break so no fun for me.

2. The first boy I ever "went with" was Eric Sparwasser. He broke up with me after I cleaned out my piggy bank to take him to the arcade with MY $8 worth of change. There's a place is hell for dogs like him.

3. The thing that first attacted me to my husband was the fact he spoke Spanish.

4. My wedding vows were recited in both English and Spanish so that everyone there could understand.

5. I once worked as a telemarketer for a whole 3 hours. I never went back; not even to collect a check.

6. I am a notary public.

7. My grandfather was the first Mexican police officer on the force in our town. After he left the force he went on to work for the Capitol police. He received the Carnegie Medal of Heroism after the Capitol fire in the early 80's.

8. I have the rock my Z-boy busted his head on over the summer. I use it as a paper weight.

9. I miss my cat, Loki. He died about 8 years ago and there's never been an animal I've like as much as him.

10. I am a basket fanatic. I love little baskets full of my crap, etc.

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Kami said...

Hey, we need to see a pic of your cool papa!

Lisa said...

Poor DHW!! #2 is awful! and kinda cute at the same time.