Monday, December 26, 2005

Bah Humbug!

I'm so over this holiday season. I would be happy if I never saw another little matchbox car again. They got about 20 and they're all over the livingroom floor. Papa took down that tree and boxed it up today while my mom and I hit a few of the after Christmas sales. And might I add I wasn't all that impressed with what was out there in terms of sales? Well, that's not entirely true. My mom bought be 4 bottles of Electric Reindeer White Zinfendel at World Market...gotta love that purchase!! That stuff is soooo good. Me and mommy polished off a bottle at Christmas dinner.

Anyway all the tinsel and crap is on my dining room table waiting to be boxed up and tucked away for another year. I purged quite a bit that I've decided just isn't my style. I went through a brief phase in decor which I call Country Bumpkin Chic. Yet another thing I'm SO over.


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