Saturday, December 10, 2005

Inlaws and Other Headaches

My BIL has decided that his family will not be celebrating Christmas. His words.

Yeah, um, okay...what exactly does that mean? Since he's in doing full time missionary work I take it to mean that it's not an issue of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Does that mean "I'm not getting you gifts, but feel free to get me one?" or does that mean nothing? Nada. I asked for clarification, but have yet to receive any which leads me to believe that I don't think even *he* knows.

I guess it's that he doesn't want to get all hepped up on the commercialism? I dunno. The thing I wonder, selfishly I'll admit, where does that leave the rest of us? Am I to assume that means he is not giving gifts and doesn't want any? Okay fine, but what about his little girl? I mean not celebrating whatever is a personal choice and I just don't think his daughter is going to get why all her cousins are getting something and she's not. That's just too much to ask a child to understand. I'm not trying to ornery...well, maybe a little...but I'm getting her a gift anyway. They can call it a "we love you just because you're you gift" for all I know or even care. But it will be wrapped in festive holiday paper.



Beth said...

okayyy, I totally agree though. I'd get the little girl a gift and tell him oh well if she feels left out it's not your fault.

Kami said...

Why do we have to get the baggage that comes with the people we marry? And the people our siblings marry? UGH.

Mama Duck said...

I agree with getting your neice a gift. Screw it all, when you're a kid that IS what Christmas is about.

Sorry, but it's true. She'll come to understand the true meaning in time, but for now she should get to enjoy the chaos that is Christmas. :)

Krisco said...

Oh, how sad for the little girl.

I agree, he obviously can opt out of whatever he wants. But to make the little girl be out of it too, that's just sad. Of course, if she gets gifts he'll feel obligated to get other kids gifts...

I agree, I think you should get her a gift anyway. I hope it's not her only one. : (