Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Are Here

Or rather, I am there.

I moved. If you're interested in keeping up with my crazy thoughts then you can find me at

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Start of Summer Wrap Up

So far we haven't done anything spectacular this summer. I felt like I needed a recording of what we HAVE done though so that when The Boys later said that we didn't do anything at all this summer I could simply point them in the direction of this post.

So we have completed 2 weeks of "little people camp". The part-time MDO gig meets two days a week for a few hours just to break up the monotony of summer. My boys are supposed to be positive and help me in exchange for some spending cash of their own. Let's just say we're working on it.

We had the scout cub kart races and The Critter placed in his rank. The Negotiator did well too, but there was much more competition at his level. We also had our scout pool party. We ate and played and played and ate. I swear all of the cubs were growing gills by the time we fished them out of the pool.

Last Friday we participated in our annual Splash Bash with the good people at my work. At first it rained, but then the clouds parted and it was lovely. Darned if we didn't have the whole place to ourselves. My boys got to ride the slide unlimited times and we finally left after 4 hours of interactive pool fun.

Monday we got together with the PTA Officers and planned for the year. It was amazingly productive given that we had 9 children, mostly boys, corralled up in a playroom while we tried to get our work done. Still miles to go before we sleep, miles to go before we sleep.

Yesterday we hung out at Tinkerbell's pool and her hubby grilled for us. Again we were pool side for at least 3 hours. I think I see a theme emerging here...

We tried to mosey down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas today, but were met with torrential rain pour. Even the boys were willing to turn around and come back to try for a later time. Now we're just sitting around being vegetables. You know, lay like lettuce, be like broccoli.

I'm reading this book by Ann Rule. I like it because it's set up as short stories. I can read in between laundry and refereeing the kids. Speaking of books, the boys and I are going to the library once a week. They get to check out what they like and I get to assign a reading time. We're also been pretty good about completing at least one worksheet a day. I find they're more into it if they get to pick, but if they are assigned something they're not as likely to work without complaint.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

E-View: H-E-B "Doritios"

Or as I call them Fauxritos.

They're the store brand and they are just grand! Mind you, I don't like all store brands, so I'm not just all about these because of the price. They taste just like that other nacho cheese brand. Try 'em.

After all if you're not really a classy chip kind of person then you've got nothing to lose.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Have you ever broken up with a friend? I've had my share of friend break-ups, but not in awhile. I'm a little rusty. Still a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Part of me says I should just go quietly into the night. Part of me says I owe her a explanation of my departure.

This is not a quick decision. It's been years in the making. Now seems like a good enough break.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Fence

This is the fence I have right now...


This is the fence I would like to have...

Setting aside the fact in the second picture there actually IS a fence, I like the horizontal slats of the second fence.

We've been without a fence going on about 3 months now. It blew down in a storm and we just haven't put it back up yet. We've had estimates, but Papa and the neighbor with whom we share the lot line haven't moved on a start date. The dogs are loving their new expanded yard and the neighbor has taken to greeting them and I think even feeding them. It seems we now have co-op dogs. Fine by me.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I used to say that I hate broccoli. And I still do. You know raw or steamed. Basically stand alone broccoli oogs me.

Lately though I've found that I like broccoli IN something. My mom makes this fantastic broccoli salad that sent me over to the other side. Before the salad my sister in law made an amazing broccoli, rice and cheese casserole. Good stuff.

So I'm no longer a broccoli hater, but I only enjoy it in the company of others.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Signs of Summer

Dang I wanna be my kid! How sweet is it to spend you Memorial Day weekend lounging in a pool? With a drink to boot.

I think this is the last year we'll be able to pull off this pool. Several of our friends are getting pools this year. The in-ground variety. I'm just not there with space, money or dedication to that big a home improvement project. We have these really large oaks in the back yard and we're not allowed to cut them down without a review from the permit powers that be so I'm not sure an in-ground is even feasible for us. Maybe on one side of the yard that the trees aren't on, but then again the whole money and maintenance issue comes into play. An above ground seems just as easy an answer.

I like that we have at least this pool to burn off the energy. Summer can be a sedentary time of year. In Texas is gets so hot that people here hibernate like the midwest folks do in winter. Boys cooped up in a house with nothing to do is a recipe for disaster. At least with this distraction they can splash and I can read my current book club selection.


Monday, May 28, 2007

The Bag Off My Back

I think this might be the last I see of my latest bag. Someone at the library offered to buy it right off of me. I decided to make her another one so that I could add a cell phone pocket that is slightly larger since the pocket is made for my wee little phone. The new owner called me to tell me her friend wants to by this bag if I'm making Library Lady a new bag.


I'm a bit surprised at all the attention, but these are a labor of love. I have so much fun designing, creating and making the bags. I'm thinking about making a go of it. I must think of a name though. Besides what fun to have a business where you can deduct at least part of your habit? And if it turns even a quasi profit then more's the better.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Does My Garden Grow? I Wish!

You speaking as preschool teacher (one of my many hats) I can say I've received my share of flowers and potted plants as thank you gifts. None of them compares to this one though.

(top view)

Those are gift card blooms. The other room parent, J, and I for Critter's class asked all the parents to give a gift card of any amount to any place (we gave a few suggestions). Then J bought a pot and I added silk flowers to the arrangement. We presented the whole ensemble to the Critter's teacher yesterday. She loved it! Of course.

I picked up the boys early on this last day of school. The Negotiator's teacher gave me GC for being room mom. Super sweet and totally unexpected. As I was leaving Critter's classroom his teacher pulled me aside and said, "I've really enjoyed getting to know you better this year and I hope you've come to consider me more of a friend than a teacher." I busted out crying. I am SO sappy.

Summer's on.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Critter!

Critter is 6 years old today.

Nothing like a sibling birthday serenade to start off the day. Papa made the Critter's favorite breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes. And then Mama sent him to school. No worries though I took lunch for him and The Negotiator and they each got to bring a friend to the guest table. It's the little things that thrill my kids.

Just a sampling of the gifts Boy 2 got for his birthday. We don't really do friend parties anymore. Just having the family over is a major event by most people's standards. You have to figure though that with Papa as one of SEVEN kids and counting step-sibs on my side we also number seven, the potential for just an immediate family gathering is pretty astounding. Besides if you're not used to a big family - particularly one of the Latino variety - it can be quite daunting. We tend to shelter our unexposed friends from the congregation of our family.

That there is an ice cream cake and it was delish! Of course we had dinner since our kind of parties aren't about snack food, ice cream & cake. Latinos make a meal when we make a party. There is no other standard by our way of thinking.

If you're so inclined you can take a walk down memory lane from the birthday five.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day and Other Crazy Ideas

When is Mother's Day not Mother's Day? When you have a sick kid. Of course, having a sick wee one is what being a mom is all about. Poor Critter came home with a fever and a headache on Thursday and has been puny all weekend. Turns out many in his class are fighting this bug. I missed the family meal with Papa's side of the family so one of us could represent and one of us could serve as cootie master (that'd be me).

Sunday has been better all the way around. Critter seems to be fever-free and if he can stay that way he'll go to school tomorrow. He's definitely looking better and getting into trouble which is the real sign that he's on the mend.

We were able to go to my mom's house for lunch. GG - Grandpa Golf (that would be my mom's hubby and my step-dad) - made a fabulous lunch and drinks. I got to have a mango margarita, eat chips with salsa and talk to my mom. My mom asked that I make her cookies for Mom's Day.


Since I got a margarita from them I returned the favor. I cookies are rimmed in sugar crystals to look like salt. Next time I think I'll add a little bit of fresh lime to the icing just to give it a kick.

As for me I got my off the hook new iron/steam generator. One of the Hancock Fabric Stores is going out of business. Their loss is my gain. This is a $150 iron and it was marked for 70% off and the cashier gave me an extra 10%.

The box was crushed, the machine was dusty and it had been in the back of the store for quite awhile (it was an older model). Still I plugged her in and she fired right up. I walked out the door for about $40, happier than a pig in shit. Papa cleaned her up for me and she is a honey. So that was my Mother's Day gift along with the potted begonia that is really nice. It sits outside my home office and makes me smile.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm making my friend, Anna's, trashy candy that she brought to Bunco awhile back. It's this concoction of Fritos, pretzels, peanut butter cups, butter and brown sugar. Rates really high on the heart-healthy foods. Lucky for me "heart" also has to do with comfort and this yumminess totally fits the bill.



So far, so good. I found I had a hard time with the chopping the pretzels and Fritos in the food processor. I got a bunch of whole pieces combines with snack dust. I'll have to work on that one.



I didn't have plain ol' chocolate chips so I used the caramel filled chocolate chips I had in the freezer (I'm bought them on clearance after Christmas). The carmel filled chips left the top a little more ooey-gooey than I liked. It made it harder to spread the melted chocolate so it could cool as a solid piece of chocolate. Also I think I undershot the brown sugar with melted butter ratio. It seemed that there was quite a bit of unrestrained corn chip and pretzel pieces about the pan.

This batch went to Papa's work and made a new batch with more butter, brown sugar and real chocolate chips. It was much better.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Have The Mind of a 4-Year-Old

My 8-year-old son just told me not to wait to go potty.

I was on my way to take care of business when the Critter asked me a question. Being the dutiful mom I am I stopped to answer his inquiry. The Negotiator says to me, "Mom, I thought you were going to the bathroom. You really shouldn't wait until the last minute." Hmm, I wonder where he's heard that before...

Earlier today I was looking for trinkets for the treasure box in my classroom. While I was going though some boxes of donated items I found a box of mints.


I could not stop laughing.

Being the completely mature adult that I am, I waited for my boss to go take care of his business and then I left the box of mints on his keyboard. Tee hee. I went back to my classroom to wait. And watch. I could barely contain my school-girl giggle. When he got back to his desk I saw him smile so I went to 'fess up. He said he knew it was me.

I suppose my reputation precedes me.



Sunday, May 06, 2007

What Happens When You Leave Your Digital Camera In The Reach Of Small Children

They take their own pictures. This one for example...

Can't figure out what this is a picture of in this shot?

How about this one?

This is a picture of "Catty". The Caterpillar. Yep, the boys went and found themselves one of God's little creatures and brought it's fuzzy ass into my house. The set up a fishing line for the insect's enjoyment and captured the moment digitally.

Want to know the VERY best part? They put the caterpillar in jar, complete with leaves, twigs and other insect accouterments, and didn't close the top securely. The next morning "Catty" was gone.

We never did find him.


Friday, May 04, 2007

The Butterfly Farm

We went to visit our local butterfly farm for a field trip today. Aside from the fact it raining, humid and I ticked off the owner right from the start it was a great trip. I learned a good deal about butterflies and now have come to not loathe flies. I'm sorry, but even knowing their important function in pollination that's still all the respect I can muster up the fly.

How did I tick off of the proprietors you are wondering? In all fairness she was not happy with our group from the get-go after the bus drove up too close to the farm. Apparently we were supposed to schlep through the muddy road with 100 children and leave the busses at the gate. Oopsey daisy. Then when one of the owners was unloading the lunches, she told me to stop with our wagon and, thinking she was another parent, I didn't. I was a bad, bad chaparone. Then I wouldn't allow the Negotiator to go into their education room because they have 5 cats that use that room as a bedroom. There was cat hair all over the floor, you know, where the kids sit. Since I didn't have an epipen or even a toot of Benadryl, my boy was not going inside to go into anaphylactic shock. Sorry.

In the end I did enjoy the trip, but I would have enjoyed it more on a cooler day. At least I get another shot in two years when the Critter goes on this same trip.


Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ooogly

First I’m back from Progresso. I had a blast and managed to stay out of any Mexican jails. The house was a mess when I got home, but it’s not like I left it clean so no harm, no foul. I found the boys all healthy, happy and it one piece. We’ll call it good.

Bummer is I lost my cell phone on the Mexico side. I discovered the phone was gone pretty quickly, but you’d be surprised to know there isn’t a general “lost & found” at the boarder. Okay, maybe not. The last I saw my phone I was in a bathroom in a bar and then the phone was gone. My mom thinks someone pick pocketed it. Heck after 2 margaritas and a pina colada I might have traded it for a shirt?

I bummed a phone and called to suspend my service. Thankfully no one had made any phone calls (you might remember that unfortunate incident a few years back when Papa left his phone at the Marie Callendar’s and whoever took it racked up $100+ in international calls toot sweet). Bottom line I don’t have a phone and it’ll take a day or two for me to make my way to Sprint and end my pity party.

I’m doggie-butt tired and the Critter has a field trip out tomorrow that I’m supposed to chaperon. Is it awful that I’m PRAYING for rain?! I just found out that the Negotiator has a field trip to a butterfly farm on Friday and this is the absolute first I’ve heard of it. Why don’t boys communicate these things?!

So there you have it. Love, kisses and all that crap.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Thanks, Bluebonnet

For leaving that bottle of Mudslide at my house from a long-ago bunco.

Last night The Critter nearly took the tip of this finger off playing with a garden tool (we are such watchful parents). He saw Papa using the long-handled branch clippers to cut back some of the branches near the fence we’re taking down. Critter decided to “help” and sliced into his pinky near at the fingernail. Blood was everywhere! We took him to the ER last night, but the blood finally stopped so we brought him home and took him back to his pedi today. We knew his tetanus shot was current and that the finger was still attached so we didn’t stay for the hospital procedure. Critter was so exhausted and totally freaked out by the ER that it was less traumatic to wait for Dr. J and just dope him up for the night.

We got in to see the doctor this morning and she put Humpty Dumpty back together again. It seems like the only time Boy Two sees his pediatrician is when she’s has to patch him up and send him on his way. We had lunch and ran some errands before picking up Boy One with Boy Three (who today is Tinkerbell's son since she has strep throat and Big A is out of town). At the moment all is right and happy in Boyland.

But wait! Fast forward…

You will not believe it, but Critter stepped on a nail this afternoon. He went in the backyard without shoes. The rule is you have to have shoes on so outside so I didn’t specifically tell him that this time. Because it’s every time, you know? He’s running around playing tag with the Negotiator and Boy Three when all of a sudden Critter comes in the house crying. The nail wasn’t actually in his foot, but there was a nice gaping hole from which blood was oozing. Fortunately we know for certain from our visit THIS MORNING that his tetanus shot is current.

God has a wonderful sense of humor. Or this whole “secret/law of attraction” theory everyone is banking on is all a load of shit because I tell myself constantly how careful and cautious my children are and nothin’.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

WOOT! There It Is.

I finished knitting a scarf. The never ending scarf. I swear I've been working on this for weeks. Months. I made this one for my good friend, Di. She loves lime green and I crocheted some fun pink yarn around the edging . The Critter is modeling the finished product for you.

Now that I've shown it off to the folks in my bubble everyone seems to want a piece of the Knitmaster's work.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oooh, Look What The Crap Bunny Left Us

My mom is cleaning out her house. Sort of a very long, drawn out flylady process. She's going through this purging phase and so guess who is the benefit of her discards. Right-o!

What am I gonna do with all this stuff? Really do I, a mom of two small boys, need delicate little etched wine glasses? My mom gets these baubles at thrift stores because she thinks they look pretty, and they do, but it causes her to take leave of her practical senses. So alleviates her guilt of purchase by passing them on to me. On my door step without telling me.


So I leave the house on my way to meeting last night and found a basket of these "treasures" sitting there waiting for my attention. They're still there because it's easier to carry them to the back of my car to take them to the GW.



Monday, April 09, 2007

Generational Gap

I signed up for myspace.

I have to admit I feel a little like a middle aged woman wearing a miniskirt. Even if she can pull it off it doesn't seem quite right. You know?

I'm enjoying customizing my profile and all dat, but the whole process feels a little clunky. Or maybe I'm just used to blogger? I've tried to move to wordpress before and I came back. I am a creature of habit.

I also can't help but wonder how I will keep up with this on any sort of a regular basis. I sort of see two different audiences with blogger and myspace since I use some identifying information on myspace, but have it set to "friends only". Still if I post here and then post there won't they get bored?

As usual, my carrying on is much ado about nothing.