Sunday, May 06, 2007

What Happens When You Leave Your Digital Camera In The Reach Of Small Children

They take their own pictures. This one for example...

Can't figure out what this is a picture of in this shot?

How about this one?

This is a picture of "Catty". The Caterpillar. Yep, the boys went and found themselves one of God's little creatures and brought it's fuzzy ass into my house. The set up a fishing line for the insect's enjoyment and captured the moment digitally.

Want to know the VERY best part? They put the caterpillar in jar, complete with leaves, twigs and other insect accouterments, and didn't close the top securely. The next morning "Catty" was gone.

We never did find him.


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Krisco said...


And, my kids take the same kind of pictures. At least yours had something they were trying to take a picture of....mine just snap away at everything...