Monday, May 28, 2007

The Bag Off My Back

I think this might be the last I see of my latest bag. Someone at the library offered to buy it right off of me. I decided to make her another one so that I could add a cell phone pocket that is slightly larger since the pocket is made for my wee little phone. The new owner called me to tell me her friend wants to by this bag if I'm making Library Lady a new bag.


I'm a bit surprised at all the attention, but these are a labor of love. I have so much fun designing, creating and making the bags. I'm thinking about making a go of it. I must think of a name though. Besides what fun to have a business where you can deduct at least part of your habit? And if it turns even a quasi profit then more's the better.



Beth said...

I totally think you should make a go of it. I'm sure you'll sell a ton, even if you never venture to other pattern's. I'm still looking for a project I'll actually finish.

Mama C said...

I want one too!