Friday, May 04, 2007

The Butterfly Farm

We went to visit our local butterfly farm for a field trip today. Aside from the fact it raining, humid and I ticked off the owner right from the start it was a great trip. I learned a good deal about butterflies and now have come to not loathe flies. I'm sorry, but even knowing their important function in pollination that's still all the respect I can muster up the fly.

How did I tick off of the proprietors you are wondering? In all fairness she was not happy with our group from the get-go after the bus drove up too close to the farm. Apparently we were supposed to schlep through the muddy road with 100 children and leave the busses at the gate. Oopsey daisy. Then when one of the owners was unloading the lunches, she told me to stop with our wagon and, thinking she was another parent, I didn't. I was a bad, bad chaparone. Then I wouldn't allow the Negotiator to go into their education room because they have 5 cats that use that room as a bedroom. There was cat hair all over the floor, you know, where the kids sit. Since I didn't have an epipen or even a toot of Benadryl, my boy was not going inside to go into anaphylactic shock. Sorry.

In the end I did enjoy the trip, but I would have enjoyed it more on a cooler day. At least I get another shot in two years when the Critter goes on this same trip.


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