Saturday, July 30, 2005

Are You Going To Hell?

I got this test off of my mom's group. I'm pretty boring. I scored and 82. The test said I wasn't much fun on a date. Whatever!

Actually I thought I was such a Wild Child. Turns out I was more like a Tame Tess. That's okay I have enought hellion friends so that we can all balance each other out in the end.

Friday, July 29, 2005

SPF: Bedroom Eyes

It's Friday so that means another round of Stuff Portrait Friday brought to you by the good folks over at Random and Odd. So Kristine wants to see:

My Bed
My Dresser
My Favorite Jammies

So pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a tour of the room where all the hubbub happens (or as we like to call it the TV and computer room - gawd, get your mind out of the gutter!!).

Boudoir Basics

I keep thinking I'm going to make the bed up nice and pretty for the picture, but after three small people interruptions I realize I'm not. I accept that and you can too, I'm sure. So here is the bed in all it's glory. I think there's a blanket from our college days on the floor somewhere? We use it as a bed spread. So designer chic. Posted by Picasa

Dressers Dorm Style

I should be so ashamed to show all the crap that surrounds my dresser, but I'm not. Because as tacky as it looks in this picture it will be even worse when Papa moves this dresser into Zack's room and we get the Salvation Army find from his room. I've said it before our room is decorated from the ecclectic Early Thrift Shop period with a smattering of items from the College Piss-Poor era. You'll direct your attention to the 5-drawer plastic bins to the right of the dresser. It's okay because Papa has the matching set over next to his bed. Sweet. Posted by Picasa

After Dark Couturier

I bought these flannel boxers on sale at Target when I was 6 months pregnant with Jacob. I topped with a then black tank top that has been retired to the garbage (wasn't even good enough for Goodwill). They're still impossibly huge and butt ugly especially with the stripped tank replacement. Yeah, again with the misguided sense of fashion, but who the hell is going to see me in my sleep? Papa? He's got his own fashion issues to contend with I'm afraid. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Way Back Wednesday: A Bad Hair Experience

A little something from what I call the Lumber Jack Period. I don’t know why I thought this looked good let alone why I thought it looked good on me. Near as I can remember I think I liked that shirt because it was a Ralph Lauren brand. I do believe that was my first lesson in “just because it’s on sale…”

Killing two birds with one stone here, you can tell that my cousin *really* embraced the 80’s. I mean look at that aqua. And what about the humongous earrings? Don’t even get me started!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Checking Out, Moving On

While I haven't totally made the move I got one step closer to leaving the group I navigated for so long. I went "no mail". That means I no longer get the groups postings. There was a message that really ticked me and it was enough to prompt me to do what I've known I needed to do for awhile. I just needed the motivation.

I don't know why I feel the need to approach this decision as a process...first this step, then this step. It's stupid, I know. It just goes back to that whole I-don't-like-change thing. I feel like going "no mail" will get me used to not being a part of the group. Then once I feel detached enough it will be natural and yet purely administrative to hit the "unsubscribe" button. Making waaaaay to much of this? You bet.

This is a good change though. I need to build more real life relationships and need to build them with people who have similar values. It's not being elitist (hardly! it's not like I'm even in a position to be all exclusionary), but about limiting the type of exposure my kids have to people with vastly differing views. Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to live in a bubble, (and really how can they with Papa's line of work?) but they're still young. Right now it's too confusing and they're not yet equipped enough to discern for themselves.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Games People Play

I think I'm going to move my blog games and scrap gallery to this blog. I think it makes sense since the friends aren't as interested in Great Aunt Gertrude's 90th birthday party and the family doesn't give a tinker's damn about grandkids that aren't their own. No harm, no foul, just got to recognize the audience, no?