Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ooogly

First I’m back from Progresso. I had a blast and managed to stay out of any Mexican jails. The house was a mess when I got home, but it’s not like I left it clean so no harm, no foul. I found the boys all healthy, happy and it one piece. We’ll call it good.

Bummer is I lost my cell phone on the Mexico side. I discovered the phone was gone pretty quickly, but you’d be surprised to know there isn’t a general “lost & found” at the boarder. Okay, maybe not. The last I saw my phone I was in a bathroom in a bar and then the phone was gone. My mom thinks someone pick pocketed it. Heck after 2 margaritas and a pina colada I might have traded it for a shirt?

I bummed a phone and called to suspend my service. Thankfully no one had made any phone calls (you might remember that unfortunate incident a few years back when Papa left his phone at the Marie Callendar’s and whoever took it racked up $100+ in international calls toot sweet). Bottom line I don’t have a phone and it’ll take a day or two for me to make my way to Sprint and end my pity party.

I’m doggie-butt tired and the Critter has a field trip out tomorrow that I’m supposed to chaperon. Is it awful that I’m PRAYING for rain?! I just found out that the Negotiator has a field trip to a butterfly farm on Friday and this is the absolute first I’ve heard of it. Why don’t boys communicate these things?!

So there you have it. Love, kisses and all that crap.

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