Friday, April 20, 2007

Thanks, Bluebonnet

For leaving that bottle of Mudslide at my house from a long-ago bunco.

Last night The Critter nearly took the tip of this finger off playing with a garden tool (we are such watchful parents). He saw Papa using the long-handled branch clippers to cut back some of the branches near the fence we’re taking down. Critter decided to “help” and sliced into his pinky near at the fingernail. Blood was everywhere! We took him to the ER last night, but the blood finally stopped so we brought him home and took him back to his pedi today. We knew his tetanus shot was current and that the finger was still attached so we didn’t stay for the hospital procedure. Critter was so exhausted and totally freaked out by the ER that it was less traumatic to wait for Dr. J and just dope him up for the night.

We got in to see the doctor this morning and she put Humpty Dumpty back together again. It seems like the only time Boy Two sees his pediatrician is when she’s has to patch him up and send him on his way. We had lunch and ran some errands before picking up Boy One with Boy Three (who today is Tinkerbell's son since she has strep throat and Big A is out of town). At the moment all is right and happy in Boyland.

But wait! Fast forward…

You will not believe it, but Critter stepped on a nail this afternoon. He went in the backyard without shoes. The rule is you have to have shoes on so outside so I didn’t specifically tell him that this time. Because it’s every time, you know? He’s running around playing tag with the Negotiator and Boy Three when all of a sudden Critter comes in the house crying. The nail wasn’t actually in his foot, but there was a nice gaping hole from which blood was oozing. Fortunately we know for certain from our visit THIS MORNING that his tetanus shot is current.

God has a wonderful sense of humor. Or this whole “secret/law of attraction” theory everyone is banking on is all a load of shit because I tell myself constantly how careful and cautious my children are and nothin’.


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