Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Fence

This is the fence I have right now...


This is the fence I would like to have...

Setting aside the fact in the second picture there actually IS a fence, I like the horizontal slats of the second fence.

We've been without a fence going on about 3 months now. It blew down in a storm and we just haven't put it back up yet. We've had estimates, but Papa and the neighbor with whom we share the lot line haven't moved on a start date. The dogs are loving their new expanded yard and the neighbor has taken to greeting them and I think even feeding them. It seems we now have co-op dogs. Fine by me.



Candy said...

Hey, at least you get along with your neighbor! Imagine if you didn't!

Mama C said...

Just keep in mind that those slats are perfect for little boys to climb. Hmmm? Not such a good idea now, huh?

Our fence is like that and is literally falling apart because all the kids climb on it.