Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Way Back Wednesday: Family Vacations

Looookin' good!

Okay The Kept Woman has asked for old family vacation photos. We didn't have many vacations unless you count trucking from Texas to Oregon and back three times a vacation. I don't.

So here I am at Hanauma Bay Beach Park (or so the picture says) in Hawaii. My mom won a trip to Hawaii from a Safeway sweepstakes back in 1978 and I got to go with her! I know I had fun, but I don't remember many of the details. We toured the Dole Pineapple Factory. Good times there. I also remember thinking is was so cool that the swimming pool at the hotel was on the roof and there wasn't a 13th floor.

I know it's hard to tell, but that little rectangular dot in the forefront of the picture is indeed me. We were at the sand dunes of I-no-longer-remember-where-but-I-think-in-Oregon. I don't get the appeal of sand dunes. It's sand as far as the eye can see. Woo hoo.

So there you have two vacations from my youth. Not even enough in the way of photographs to make fun of my clothes.

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Mama Duck said...

Dang it! I didn't know you played!

I have NEVER EVER met someone who's won a trip like that! That's totally cool that your mom won and took you! You've restored my faith in random drawings for fabulous prizes.