Friday, August 26, 2005

SPF: Oys In The 'Hood

Thanks for viewing my interpretation of this week’s Stuff Portrait Friday brought to you by Kristine. For your entertainment I provide:

The eyesore of the neighborhood
A photo taken secretly (shhhhh)
The most interesting/funny sign in our area

So let’s take a look, shall we?

A photo taken secretly

I have no idea what possessed my neighbors to put up all these flamingos. Papa and I thought it was hilarious, but apparently others did not share our sentiment since the pretty pink lawn art disappeared a few weeks later. Darn! I just felt they were doing their part to “Keep Austin Weird”. It’s sort of an anthem around here.


Kami said...

I want a yellow one. See them over at Casa McAustin. Will ya get me one? I'll be there next weekend!

Beth said...

A church near you does this as a fundraiser every year. You can have a friend flamingoed for a fee. They come get them after a while.