Friday, August 19, 2005

SPF: Random Portraits of Progress

It's Fridaythe end of the week so you know what that means...Stuff Portrait Friday! This week the good folks over at Random and Odd (read Kristine) have asked us to share:

* Something you made/built yourself
* Tools of your hobby
* Something you want to give away

As luck would have it I had just decorated several slide mounts for a scrapbooking loop I'm in and I had to post what I made. These examples are just a few extras that were easily accessibly on my desk (no small feat, let me tell you - see below). I had to make six of each set. to send to a hostess who would "swap" out all the other handmades and return them to the participants.

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amanda said...

these frames are really cute and make for fun scrapbooking pages! nice work!

Krisco said...

I found your site via Technorati. I love the scrapbook frames, I don't know where you find the time. I have ALL the stuff (ok, nothing compared to your room, just the beginning basics) stuff, I have never used it. Doh! Of course, I do have a 3 and a under 1-yr old. Maybe later...

I too am a stay at home mom who used to have a life. (Attorney, then quickly switched to software project management.) I only found blogging this summer but immediately started my own. It is incredibly cathartic to read about other mom's lives, and to write about my own situation. Yes, Lynnette rules.

And we're in New Mexico, for Texas-husband's job.

I enjoyed your site and will check in again to read another update on your life. :) (I know it's dorky but I *like* emoticons...)