Friday, August 19, 2005

Mom The Crafter: Can She Scrap It? Yes, She Can!

The Mad Scrapbooker's desk. Believe it or not this is where I create my scrapbooks, cards and embellishments. In my mind clutter equals creativity. Posted by Picasa


Cara said... What I wouldn't do to have a room like this all to my own for scrapbooking! As a matter of fact, I think I'll show my husband your pictures if he ever claims that I have too much scrapbook stuff! I wanna come over and play at your house! :)

lily said...


Renee said...

That is one serious craft room! Cool!

Mama Duck said...

OM holy scrapbooking stash! Wow. I can't say anything else.

I am just in awe.

I played too (at The Kept Woman)...if you care! ;)

-E said...

Okay, if you all think *my* scrap room is nice, take a look at this one.

Lucky Lum said...

dammmmn girl! That is one awesome scrappin room! I want one and I don't even scrap.