Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Clockwise from the top. Only first names are being used to protect the embarrassed.

The first one is my high school buddy, Amanda. One night in a drunken stupor when we were 14 she told me I was her BEST friend. Yeah, it was the Bartles & James talking, but who was I to argue. As it turned out she did become one of my 3 best friends in high school and was my maid of honor at my wedding.

My friend Feliz and I at our high school graduation. She had the good sense to take off the big maroon dress, but I kept mine on for the pix.

Feliz and I once again in our 10th grade year. We went to the Carousel dance stag and were just dorky enough to take a picture together commerating the event.

I'm not in this picture, but this was my best friend in fifth grade. Tami moved to Belgium and I went to visit her one summer, but after that disasterous trip I never heard from her again. Oh, sure I've googled her and tried to find her over the years, but nada.

Ginnie, me, Amanda and Birdie, the cat. The cat died several years back and Ginnie cut me loose shortly after my wedding. I'm not sure how or why we lost touch, but we did. I spent many years sending Christmas cards to her through her parents and I still know where they live, but c'mon how long can you spend trying to pursue a friendship that someone won't reciprocate?!

Now I don't have a "best friend" per se, but I have a couple of really good friends whom I love and cherish. As corny as it sounds Papa is my bestest bud as is my mom (who's hubby is her bestest it should be). So I've given up on the dream of a school girl best friends and just love the friends I have for whatever the reason or season.


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