Wednesday, August 17, 2005

That's a big birthday smile! I guess because it was a great party. Not because of the free flowing booze since there wasn't any, but because all of my family turned out for it. In fact my 34th birthday made a little family history in that my mom and dad happily attended the celebration at the same time. Dad even came to mom's house where the soiree was being held. In the last few years my parents have actually become...gasp!...friends. It's amazing to me that they are happy and their new respective mates get along as well. The whole arrangement is still a little odd for me, but I'm getting used it.

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Kami said...

WOW! Your hair looks GREAT here!

-E said...

I'm letting it grow again, but I'm not sure about the highlights. I sort of think they "wash" me out?

Lucky Lum said...

you look terrific lady!!!