Friday, August 19, 2005

Getter' Gone

Here is something I've been trying to get rid of for weeks, now going on months. It's a candle that I thought I would like, but I don't. It's almost new and I know someone will like it, but I don't know who so I keep it. I like fruity or spicy scents and this one is more powdery. I keep meaning to give it my friend who is still selling candles, but I forget.
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Kelly said...

If not for horrible allergies - I'd take it. What does it smell like?

I played!

Kami said...

I want it. Give it here. Your scrappin room looks gorgeous.

Random and Odd said...

I'll take it. My house always smells like would be good to have something new smelling around here!!

Oh and rock with you bad scrap bookin self!