Friday, June 09, 2006

Worries About Monday

In light of J's surgery on Monday I'll relay to you all my fears of what that day holds.

1) Death. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm scared I will lose my baby. I realize that a tonsilectomy and anoidectomy are possibly two of the most common -ectomies known to man, but we're talking about a boy. MY boy in point of fact and I want nothing to happen to him.

2) Complications. What if he has a reaction to anesthesia? What if they take out too much? Not enough? What if?

3) Hunger. He can't eat after midnight on Sunday and I don't want him to be hungry. Or thirsty. I'm a mom, and therefore my job to want my child to eat. To be told *not* to feed him is just wrong.

4) Pain. I do not want my child to be in pain. I'd rather gnaw off my arm than have him hurt even a moment. I want them to give him something to take away any pain or I'll have to go all Terms of Endearment on them.

5) Recovery. I want him to bounce back quickly so he can enjoy the rest of summer.


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Mama C said...

We gave Nico gum in the am and he did ok.