Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Shitty Day

I bet you think you're going to hear me complain. Not so. Today we are speaking in the literal sense.

At work this morning on the kids comes to us with her Cinderella undies around her knees saying she pooped. Great. Okay, chin up teachers, accidents happen. After assessing the damage, we teachers had to wonder what happened to the "load". The tracks just didn't look right. So we ask her, "where's the poo poo?" She doesn't know. Awesome. We can't leave excrement on the playground, because one, the park police would be after us, and two, it's just not nice. So there we are, four teachers hunting down a pile of crap.

This was SO not is the job description.

We never did find anything so we can only assume that she didn't have a full download. Ah, the joys of working with small children. In case you were wondering, this is why I drink.



Beth said...

lol That's all I can say :-)

Eve said...

I am feeling down check my blogz out