Friday, June 23, 2006

The Tide Has Turned

The Professor, J, seems to be well. He's back to eating us out of house and home. He still likes something really cold with his food, but that seems to be more about residual mind pain than actual pain.

The Professor wants to get back into activities so we went to the sprinkler park today. It's not the big, fancy one up in the swanky part of town. No, rather it's our East Side, scaled back version that has fewer sprayers and fewer people. I talked to a guy there that at first looked like a hoodlem, but I found out after talking to him he's a stay-at-home-dad caring for the kids during the day and getting his degree at night. Can't judge a book by it's cover.

Also the boys got a free lunch while we were at the park. Apparently there is a grant that provides kids 18 and under a sack lunch during the week. Typically it's a bridge for kids who are on a lunch program during the year, but it's open to everyone. Who knew? And even though we had brought our own lunch we got a little bit extra which we are using for dinner. Sweet. The recreation center lady was passing out programs they have and they've got great activities for cheap. Like a sewing class for $5 a month. Wow! And ballet for 3-4 year olds for $5 a month.

Anyway, we had a great time and plan to make this a regular outting. Especially since Papa works just a few blocks away and he can join us for lunch sometimes.



Candy said...

"The Professor"... *giggle*... that is the *THE* perfect name for J :-) Wow... $5... awesome!

-Candy, who may need new glasses, I keep flunking the comment test thingy

The Kept Woman said...

Ohhhhh, $5 for classes? Wow, I could use me some of those.

And to answer your question on Friday's post...yes, that is the SAME FREAKIN' table and chairs I tried to sell REPEATEDLY before we moved. Alas they are still here. I decided that it is a good piece of furniture and that with some paint and fabric I can make it pretty too. That and if I couldn't sell if for $300 then I had nothing to lose if I screwed it all up. ;)