Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Whole New World

I know I talk about boobs entirely too much.

I think the reason is I've had boob envy after nursing two kids for two years. The girls just aren't where there should be anymore. I wasn't so far gone that I was willing to entertain the idea of surgery, but I was pretty open to some non-invasive pick 'em uppers.

So yesterday two of my playground bitches, C and I, took me to shopping for my girls. We all got fitted at Nordies first and then after some serious sticker shock made the move over to Vickie's to see what we could find. Armed with our true numbers we set out to find some over the shoulder boulder holders.

I am so in love with these new bras! I got the Angels in black and a Very Sexy in pink. Oh, and by the way, I look *exactly* like those girls in the picture. WHATEVER! You know I would have been more likely to give VS a chance a lot earlier if it weren't for those stupid ass names they give the bras and the even stupider commercials. Still now that I've tried them I am pleased I will admit. I feel like I paid a small fortune for these two bras, but I feel really good so it's worth it, right? Papa had to get his jab in here about the packaging. He says the bag looks like a gift. "It's not a purchase, it's a present! That's how they reel you women in on shopping." We'll just let him talk, talk, talk. We all know if mama ain't happy...

I want to get the ivory or nude colors, but they were out at the store I shopped at much to my chagrin. So how do I know when these bras go on sale? Is it wise to purchase online for bras? I want to add to my brassiere collection, but would rather not go into the poorhouse to do so, ya know?



JK said...

So glad to hear that you're happy with your purchases. Oh, and for those who don't know E in real life... she really DOES look like the VS models in real life! ;)

I should know... we shared a room together at a scrap retreat once. hehe

Btw, hubby NEVER minds when I blow a fortune on fun "clothes" or "toys" for me/us. Love that about him!


Moody Mammy said...

I've found some good deals on bras (not VS brand, but they don't have my size there anyway) at Marshalls...

Lisa said...

So how do you get around paying for a bra after you've been fitted?
Don't other places do that too? I seem to remember being fitted at montgomery wards by my stepmother for my first bra...She worked there, and it was very embarassing!!