Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Cribs

Today Krisco has us talking about the types of places we've lived. I can do that!

1) When I was born we lived in a 400 sqft garage apartment that my grandparents owned. It was old and swayed when the wind blew. It was on the East side of town, which is considered to be the bad part of town, but it was home to us.

2) Eventually my parents bought a "starter" home waaaaay down South (this according to my Grandmother who thought anything out of East Austin was waaaaay anywhere). Shortly thereafter my parents got divorced and my mom and I went to ...

3) ...some creepy apartments. Even to this day those apartments send my oog-o-meter off the charts. I was about three years old and I knew a kid had drowned in the pool (which was to me then forever haunted) and that a snake was caught at the bottom of the stairs of our apartment.

4) At some point we moved to a duplex in Central Austin, which is now the swanky part of town, but back then it was mostly college students. Read cheap rent.

5) From a duplex in one progressive city to another. My mom, stepdad and I lived in a duplex that eventually was converted to the Wilsonville, Oregon city hall. I loved that place because there were blueberry, sunflower, blackberry and pine tree orchards surrounding our little fourplex. It was so quiet and a great place to be kid! After the conversion we moved to this OLD house right next to the railroad tracks. I remember my mom being totally freaked about being so close to the tracks. Now that I'm a mom I feel her fear.

6) Moved to house in West Linn, Oregon. Also a great place way back when. I look at the real estate there now and I'm flabbergasted to see how much property costs. The house we lived in literally increased in price sevenfold. Damn Californians!

7) Back with my grandmother on the East Side of Austin, but this time in the front house as opposed to the garage apartment is place number 1.

8) Waaaaay out in Southwest Austin with mom. She bought a house in a good neighborhood only to find out I was supposed to be bussed to outer BFE. No thank you. Mom got me a transfer and I went to a school that was "out of district", but 5 miles up the road.

9) To an apartment with my husband.

10) To a duplex with my husband.

11) To the same garage apartment as in number 1, but on the other side, and now owed by my father in law (long story for another time, my friends).

12) To our "starter" home in South Austin. Such a cute house! It was the best experience.

13) To the home I lived in with my mom (#8). I was pregnant with my first kiddo and we needed more room. My mom was single at the time and didn't need all the room. We got this house and she moved to a smaller house down the road where she now lives with her husband.

What kinds of places did you live??



Kimmy said...

Wow. I've only lived in three places. Am I missing out?

My 13 are up!

Tom said...

Wow, were ALL of those in or around Austin? That is quite a LOT of moving.

Candy and I have lived in quite a few places ourselves. My favorite would be the apartment on the 21rst floor of a building in the middle of an extinct volcano crater in Hawaii.

My least favorite, we be where I grew: BFE looks metropolitan to that place haha

Krisco said...

That's a fun list, thanks for sharing! I didn't realize how often I'd moved until I wrote it all out...(and then everyone pointed it out! : )