Friday, March 03, 2006

SPF: March 3 (I couldn't think of a more creative title this early in the morning)

Here we go again. This week's SPF is truly the stuff of Random and Odd. Our assignment:

  • your favorite jeans
  • birthmark, mole or freckles
  • your photo albums & where you store them

My favorite jeans:

I think I've referred them as 505's, but I stand corrected. They are 515's and they are awesome. They're a light material and soft. The only trouble is since I've lost just a smidge of weight, when my jeans get stretched out I can take them off without unbuttoning them. I've purchased another pair of jeans and they may be my new favorite, but the jury's still out on that decision.

My mole:

Two for the price of one.

You get to see one of my moles (Papa calls them chocolate chips) and my sweet new sunburn. I had lunch with two of my Tiara Bitches at Shady Grove on Wednesday. It was nearly 90 friggin degrees and Shady Grove wasn't quite so shady. Papa says I've got to be the poorest excuse for a Mexican ever since I managed to get a sunburn on March 1, technically still winter.

My photo albums and where I store them:

These are my scrapbooks. I use a different color for every year. It's a work in progress. I'm currently storing them on a bookshelf in my craft room. I need to prop them up since having the albums slouch is a scrapbooking sin.

Woo hoo! Another SPF in the books! Did you play?



Mama C said...

You truly are a sad excuse for a mexican and I'm reporting you to the scapbook police!

Great SPF!

I played.

Amy said...

NICE mole/sunburn pic. You should have saved that for half-nekkid Thursday. Nice jeans, by the way. Can't beat good ole Levi's.