Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Shows I'm Watching

Welcome to another edition of Thirteen Thursday. If you've decided to play scoot on over to Krisco's place and let know you're on the bus, Gus.

This Thursday you get to learn all about what makes my DVR move. These are the 13 shows I'm into right now.

1) LOST - I haven't see yesterday's episode yet so HUSH.
2) Medium - sometimes it's good, sometimes not as good. I still have it on my DVR.
3) Boston Legal - I love that William Shatner gets to be known as something other than Captain Kirk. Besides "Denny Crane" sounds so much better.
4) Freddie - If you haven't checked this out yet, you should. It's very funny!
5) CSI - The Las Vegas version. I like the original.
6) Without A Trace - This one is getting a little old and moving a little slow for me. I'd like to know more about the characters, but the show hasn't fleshed them out as much as they could.
7) Cold Case - this is one of my very favorite shows because the music takes you back.
8) Grey's Anatomy - So. Damn. Good.
10) Close To Home - Another Jerry Bruckheimer show. Some twist and turns, but usually good for 40 minutes of entertainment.
11) Oprah - every day on my DVR. I can always delete the shows I don't like, but I have her set to record.
12) Law & Order: SVU - The other shows may make me OD on L&O so I can old have a little bit and I choose SVU.
13) Anything HGTV

Did you play?



Kimmy said...

Yup! To almost all of them. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show! I live for Sundays 10-11 ;)

My 13 are up!

Amy said...

Yeah, hello, where's Desperate Housewives? Can you be a Desperate Housewife and not watch the show? Huh? Couldn't get in to Freddie, but mostly the rest of it I'm on with you :-)

Candy said...

I'm LOVING Boston Legal this season... James Spader cracks me up!