Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thirteen Thursday: Food, Wonderful Food

Welcome once again to Thirteen Thursday brought to you by the good folks over at crib ceiling. This is Krisco's attempt for us to all get to know each other a little better. So sit a spell and find out all about my food consumption habits.

1) I love the tomato basil soup at La Madeleine. I'm not a Frenchy-shee-shee kind of girl, but this soup is soooo good.

2) I love the chicken salad on a croissant from the Central Market Cafe. It has little bits of pineapple in for that sweet & savory taste that is scrumptious!

3) Also from Central Market, I adore the mango-papaya salsa. It has bits of red pepper, kiwi, serranos too. It's all mixed together and fantastic with chips. Yum-O.

4) The salad from Craig O's is so well put together. It's not a lot of ingredients, but the mixture is just right with the pizza. You must try it if you're in Austin.

5) The Bonzi Burger from Red Robin is one of my all time favorites.

6) The food at Casa Garcia's on William Cannon and Manchaca is yummy. This is Tex-Mex at it's finest. The chips and salsa are just right and the margaritas take away all the day's stress. Take note, the Casa G's on South Lamar is affiliated, but I think the one on William Cannon is better.

7) Papa makes the best bean and cheese nachos. He puts garlic, roasted onions, jalapenos and lots of cheese on them. BAM! They are so good!

8) It's a chain, but the best steak and skewer is at Logan's Steak House. Mmmm.

9) The best breakfast taco is at Juan in a Million. Order the Don Juan and be full all day.

10) Casa Maria's has the most awesome panaderia (bakery). They make pan dulce (sweet bread) fresh every day. The also custom make cakes. Casa Maria's is our favorite place to eat on Friday nights since it's great food and not nearly as crowded as some of the more touristy spots.

11) My mother-law makes the best carne guisada and tamales. She has these two meals mastered. She sells tamales during Christmas so let me know if you want to order.

12) Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream cannot be beat.

13) My mom makes wonderful cheese enchiladas. She makes them with onions and LOTS of cheese. Not exactly healthy, but oh, so good.

Did you play??



Lucky Lum said...

I LOVE the tomato basil soup at La Maddie's too!!!

JK said...

Note to self: DO NOT read Elaine's blog in the evening ... when the "munchies" typically run rampant in my brain.
Thanks so much for reminding me of ALL the YUMMY food that Austin has to offer. :P
Damn, I miss that!

The most popular type of food here is seafood - ewwwwwwwwww!


Mama C said...

Where is this Casa Maria's? Sounds yummy!

-E said...

Casa Maria's in on South First at St. Elmo. It's a trek for you P'villians, but worth it IMHO.