Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finally A Floor!

I am so excited that we are starting our floor project! Yes, you all have been listening to me bitch and moan, piss and whine about how much I hate my floors and finally your endurance will be rewarded.

We went and picked out laminate flooring and Papa has started pulling up the crappy tile. He also tested the even crappier carpet and that should come up quite easily. We have a 30-day project goal.

Wish us luck!!



Beth said...

Good Luck!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of you're new lovely floor.

Sheri & SuZan said...

Good Luck!!! I really mean it. When we ripped out the carpet and put in hardwoods it took us about three months to finish the job.

Of course it is so worth it now, I just hate living in caos while in progress. I hope ya'll don't have the problems that we did when we removed the laminate flooring from one of the bathrooms. We ended up using a grinder to get it all up.

Post us some updates!