Friday, March 10, 2006

SPF: Junk In My Trunk and A Whole Lot Of Other Places

This weeks Stuff Portrait Friday is once again brought to you by Kristine over at Random and Odd. SPF is that little exercise that brings all of us together in pictures to realize we are not alone.

This week's assignment:

1. Your Garbage Can
2 Your "Junk" Drawer
3. Your Trunk

Let's put on our dancin' shoes and boogie, shall we?

My Garbage Can: Papa had just emptied the kitchen one so I thought I'd give you something a little more interesting than a while can with a white bag.

I "made" this trash can from the tin popcorn came in over the holidays. The popcorn was done and J-boy couldn't bear to toss it so we reused it. How ecofriendly of us!

My "junk" drawer: I have several, but these are the drawers where I'm trying to consolidate the junk. I use a kitchen island to put my TV on in the livingroom. The island has two drawers that make dandy junk drawers.

The drawers are small so I need more than one. Papa says I should just decrease my junk rather than increase my drawer, but so far that just hasn't worked.

My trunk: When you have an SUV you don't get a trunk per se, you get a big open space that collects craporamma.

The box on the left is for all the returns I have to make. The box on the right is for stuff I have for my class. Two blankets for park trips. A thermal bag for trips to the grocery store. You can't see them, but there are park toys behind the piles of blankets.

Tell me that you played!


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Moody Mammy said...

I like the organizers in your junk drawers!