Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hola, Amigos!

My name is Chula. That's Spanish for cute. I got me a new boy human over the weekend. My brother, Hurley, whom I believe you all met earlier, is supposed to belong to the other boy human. J-boy belongs to me and Z-boy belongs to Hurley.

The thing is we both kind of like the Mama and the Papa humans too. That mama human is home most of the time and burns these really awesome smelling candles. She plays music and throws warm laundry on the sofa which is soooo cozy. Later in the day the boy humans come to the house and take us outside to roll around in the huge yard. Okay, maybe it's not huge, but when you're only 5 inches tall, let's face it, everything seems ginormous.

Hurley and I get a lot of comments that we don't look anything alike. Well, we are septuplets and our brothers and sisters are somewhere in the 'hood I'm told. Anyway, I look more like my dad, Quiero and Hurley takes after our mom's side of the family. Still he's kin and at least we're together. Hurely needs to brush up on his Spanish, but the humans seem patient.

Con mucho amor,



Amy said...

Oh. My. Gawd. You MUST stop. You're giving me puppy fever!!! We can't get a second dog, because we're eventually going to take my Grandmother's Springer, and he's nuts. Darn you, E!

Beth said...

Dude, with one I raised an eyebrow, but 2????? You??? I thought you hated dogs (don't kill me if I'm wrong, but I distinctly remember putting Pooh in the Garage if you were coming over)

I thought you were done having babies?

JK said...

I seem to remember E being an anti-dog person too!
He sure is precious, though. :)