Friday, March 17, 2006

SPF: C is for Cookie and Other Stuff

SPF is brought to you this week by the letter C and Kristine. This week's assignment is:
Your Couch
Your Coat
Your Candles

My Couch - One of our grown up purchases. I love leather! These couches clean up so easily gets softer with age.

My Coat - This is just one of my coats. I bought it on clearance because it was fun, funky and most importantly PINK. I'd love to have some fun pink, orange and yellow striped rainboots too. Hey, I'm Mexican. I heart color!

My Candles - Keeping in mind I used to pimp Gold Canyon Candles, you'll understand why I have an unnatural amount of wicks & wax in my possession. I still love the candles, but I'm just not meant to be a MLM entrepreneur.

Smell ya later!


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