Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer Ponderings

Today is the first "real" day of summer for us. Before I had Papa here so it was more about family time. Now I'm a little panicked about what our schedule looks like this next grand twelve weeks. I feel this pressure (albeit much of it internal) to keep the boys active and J-boy reading. I think I'm good on the reading part having instituted a "quiet time" each day. They're allowed to read, sleep or just look at the wall, but they must have the down time. For me as much as them. Then when Papa gets home they'll be rested enough to have some fun with him.

The thing of it is I still feel like I'm supposed to keep them active. Hmmm...the great challenge with that in Texas is that it's hot. Damn hot. I can take them swimming and I will, but stuff is bound to occur like ear infections. J-boy can't swim while his ear is smarting. So what to do, what to do. So far we've watched TV and played a few video games. We've moved to more board games, but these are sedentary activities. There are some lovely trails in the area, but I won't go walk them alone with the boys. So not safe.

Mostly I'm just worried about what I *should* be doing. I blame that new TLC show "Honey, We're Killing Our Kids". It has these families eating soup and salad for dinner and working out an hour each day. This is the standard?? Okay, maybe the ideal, but I feel this pressure to live up to that level and it's killing us. The "coach" on that show said mom needed to have a calmer life. Yeah, right...calm when she's having to orchestrate an hour of some sort of sports-like activity. Hell, I think taking both kids to the grocery store should count for something.

Anyway, I just had to let out some of this angst. Intellectually I know I'm making much to about nada, but I go with my strengths.



Moody Mammy said...

We try to play outside early in the a.m.to get all the energy out. (of course if your kids sleep past 7 a.m. that may not work. lol) And, the Y's indoor playground up here is totally why I keep my membership. That and INDOOR summer basketball. lol

Beth said...

Isn't that why you have a house with kitchen window's faceing the back yard. Kiddie pool, while mommy sits in the A/C with a book! Not that I would ever do that.

But yes I have the same thoughts, Even concidered re-joining the Y till I realized we really are fairly booked.

Candy said...

Yup, let 'em outside and sweat themselves silly, that's my motto this Summer... ugh, reading... Jamie is making small strides, I want to get him at least able to read small words... he's such a little brat about it though so I'm doing the "not too pushy" thing when I really want to just strangle the child... ;) You could just make the trek up here, let them play on the swing set while you and I enjoy iced tea and throw juice boxes at them...

Sheri & SuZan said...

We always encouraged outside activities with G2 and it has paid off. He gets out and still plays basket ball or base ball everyday.

JK said...

UGH! I feel your pain. When we were in TX, it was too damn hot to be outside for more than about 10 minutes. We are much more active now that we're here... we go outside even in the rain! :)

No suggestions, just empathy. ;)

Btw, I don't think it's even hit 80's here yet! Pblllllllttt!!!