Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Lazy Blogging Day

**Update** J-boy has swimmer's ear and not an ear infection relapse as I thought. He's grumpy as all get out and not sleeping well so that's made for a rough couple of days for all of us.


I lifted this from another board I'm on and I've decided to make easy work of my blog post today.

Okay, now on to the ABC's of me...

A - Age: 35
B - Best day ever: Everyday I wake up
C - Children?: 2 boys
D - Dream house: Spanish style in Mexico near the beach with a full staff
E - Eggs (how do you like them?): scrambled with cheese
F - For fun I: reading, scrapbooking, blogging
G - Greatest Accomplishment: raising my boys and being the youngest person in my title when I worked outside the home.
H - How many rooms in your place?: 10
I - Ice cream flavor: sweet cream vanilla
J - Jury duty, ever had to do it?: Nope, and I've never even been called even though I'm registered to vote and have driver's license.
K - Know any good jokes?: Umm, a few.
L - Last book you read: I'm reading "And Never Let Her Go" by Ann Rule that I got from Candy and her bookcrossing stuff.
M - Most treasured possession: My new laptop that I got for Mother's Day from my boys.
N - Name: E to friends and Lainey to family
O - Organization tip: Bags. I use canvas bags embroidered with what's in them to keep track of my different commitments (PTA, Scouts, etc).
P - Pets?: 3 dogs: Zoe, Hurley and Chula
Q - Question--most asked of you: Weren't you on the cover of SI?? *grin* Just kidding - probably stuff about kids since I work with them, but I surely don't feel qualified enough to give advice.
R - Relaxation - what do you do?: Read or blog.
S - State you live in: Texas...yee haw.
T - Talent(s): I can get 15 three and four year olds to actually stand in a straight line, hands behind their back and quietly follow me without losing a one of them.
U - Unique quirk: I have to have my sandwich in a certain order.
V - Vacation: We're going to two Texas locales this summer and to California next summer. We've been to San Francisco, Pacific Northwest, Atlanta, Orlando, Mexico, St. Louis, Oregon, Colorado,Oklahomaa, Kansas...
W - What are you wearing: Khaki shorts and a purple top.
X - X-rays you have had: teeth, back, wrist, ankle, knee, sonogram.
Y - Your hair color: Naturally? Boring brown. Now I've got highlights.
Z - Zoo animal: If I were one I'd be a hippo, but I like the elephants.

Okay, feel free to lift from me, but tell me if you did so I can see what you said.


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Krisco said...

I love the bag idea. That is brilliant!

(and, technically speaking, I cribbed the Thursday Thirteen. I always have to google it if I want the code for the graphic again.

BUT!! I DID make up the What's For Dinner Wednesday all by myself!!! : )