Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Think My Weird-O-Meter Is Going Off The Charts

But first an update...It was an ear infection. And the second ear was well on it's way to being infected too. The doctor thought there may be strep throat too, but the round of antibiotics for the ear would kick that out if so.

On to my looney thoughts...

I checked out the new grocery store that is all the rage today. It's further than about 5 other stores I could go to, but only 2 of them really count since the other stores are ridiculously overpriced. I digress. I liked this new store, but I feel uncomfortable there. I feel like I don't belong. I feel like everyone in the store is looking at me like you don't live in this neighborhood (which is a swanky one at that), what are you doing shopping here? Get lost, you across-the-boulevard trash! Your neighborhood is two subdivisions over.

Now I know they're not really saying that, I suppose, but I can't help but feel I'm trespassing. No, I never felt that way when Swanky Neighbors shopped at the store that is close to me before Chez Grocery opened and they were traipsing over to my 'hood. And the new Mega Warehouse Store that is opening in, count them, 17 days would require Swanky Neighbors to come over to my 5 mile, but I'm civil.

I think a lot of this stems from a park in the area. It's called Swanky Neighborhood Park, but that's not it's real name. It's really a City park that just happens to be in that neighborhood, but some of the moms in that area are very propriatary. That is not my imagination, I've hear it from others.

Anyway, no real point to all of this other than I like the new store and I'll probably keep going to it and if some soccer mom wants to rumble in the parking lot, bring it on.




Mama C said...

I feel that way when I shop down south or farther up north. It just doesn't feel like home.

I get it.

sorry about the ears.

Candy said...

I really hate moving because it means a new grocery store and a new layout and I can't find ANYTHING. It takes me months to get adjusted.

And please remove the numbers game... I can't stop playing the freaking thing.