Friday, May 19, 2006


Z-boy graduated from his MDO/PreK program today. So cute! I wanted to hold it all together, but I started boo-hooing the minute Pomp & Circumstance started. Of course me tearing up caused all the other parents and teachers to start crying too. Z-boy's teacher said she had a big speech planned, but was too emotional to finish. So here we are after the big event. All he can think about is the cake and punch they get when the ceremony was over.

I know, it sounds sappy, but it's so hard to think of my little boy growing up. Everything he goes though is an emotional roller coaster because I think "this is the last time we're going to ___".

Of course I'll have to look back on this post during the summer when the boys are driving me crazy.



Candy said...

Girl, I would've started boo-hooing as soon as I walked into the room... sigh...

And yeah, I see your little game calling me... brat.

Sheri & SuZan said... doesn't get any easier either.

Crystal R. R. Edwards said...

The Kindergarteners graduated from St. Matt's this week. I was there to serve cookies and lemonade, and I *still* got choked up thinking about those kids. They weren't even mine! I didn't even know the names of most of them! Next year, Mack will be in Kindergarten and I know I'm just going to fall entirely apart.

Congrats to Z. Elaine, your boys get handsomer every year. I think you're in for a bit of trouble down the road. :)

Krisco said...

That is just so cute. I cannot believe they wear the cap and gown and everything! Wow!

And he is such a cutie. (though I've said that before...:)