Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Madness

Actually it was pretty good. The boys got the concept of Mother's Day this year and did their best to let me have my day. I got breakfast in bed at about 6:30 a.m. and then I took *my* mom to breakfast later around 10 a.m. Then me and my mom went to have massages. It was the best! I'm all goofy from relaxation.

The boys and Papa all cleaned my car for Mother's Day. Papa said the 3rd seat would have sent my cootie-o-meter off the charts. Yeah, don't tell me anymore.

After all that we went to Red Robin for dinner and now I'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start. I made banana pudding to cap off the day.

All and all a dandy Mother's Day 'round these parts! How was y'alls?



Candy said...

Oh, we LOVE Red Robin! Glad you had a great time! Jamie, I think, finally "gets" Mother's Day... Cassie, well, she just kept pointing at my flowers telling me she got them, repeatedly. ;)

Mama C said...

I love REd Robin. Have you tried the terribly bad for you Aristocrat burger. Oh my! Fried egg and bacon and mayo.

I could feel my ateries clogging but it sure was damn gud!

Happy belated mamas day.