Monday, May 15, 2006

The Good Lord Willing And The River Don't Rise

We're getting to the end of this crazy season. I've dropped balls all over the place, pissed off more than a few people and left several things undone I'm sure. Still I can bask in my successes. I've passed out all the PTA goodie bags for kitchen staff, lunch monitors, teaching assistants and crossing guards. I'm still giving my time and talents to the end of the year hurrah and doing my best to make sure my students enjoy their last few days with me as their teacher.

Can't win 'em all.

I think J-boy has an ear infection. Shit. And I have to work tomorrow. Double shit. Okay, so I'll take him with me since he's not contagious, but I can't really send him off to his school because of the no fever thing. He has an appointment with the ENT soon so maybe we'll make it until Thursday?

I'm surrounded by piles of paper in this house. I cannot seem to get a hand up on controlling the paper beast. I keep saying as soon as school is done for the year I'll get caught up. At this point I can't help but worry a bit that maybe 12 weeks won't be enough to get my head above My current plan of action for dealing with the mail is not dealing with it. Not my finest plan I'll admit. And I can't help but be a bit curious why we got two electric bills this month. I know I could just open the envelopes and find out, but why spoil the suspense?

I can't sign off without just a little blurb about Grey's Anatomy. Oh. My. Goodness. That was a pretty steamy scene between Meredith and Derek! I wasn't surprised that Denny died, and yeah the whole Izzy on the bed with dead Denny scene choked me up a bit, but hello! you stole a heart! If you believe in nothing else do you not think, at the very least, karma may have an intervention? Christina was ticking me off. A little, just the tiniest bit of sympathy would not be out of order here. Sheesh! And I love the whole George-Callie story line. They are so cute together. I can't believe I have to wait until September to see my family at Seattle Grace again!


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