Saturday, May 13, 2006

Floors other Flights of Fancy


I thought I'd post a pictures of the finished product since I'm so damn proud. I know y'all don't care, but indulge me.

Ain't they purdy? They clean up like a dream. I'm so happy with them. I'm glad we waited to get exactly what we wanted. It was worth it!

Mother's Day and Other Celebrations

Why is there all this pressure on *one* day when it comes to celebrations? And in the case of my family why can't people make a plan and stick to it? I said Saturday would work better for a Mother's Day celebration! Everyone has church at different places on Sunday not to mention all the other commitments, let's just give the poor day a break! First we're having something at one sibling-in-law's house, then we're not. Then we're having lunch somewhere else. *sigh*

Then on the other side of the loony bin there's still more Drama for the Mamas. First we hear they want to have something, but aren't quite sure yet. Then they're having a BBQ at mom and step-dad's, but there's no actual time because that would ruin the spontaneity.

Umm, oookay.

I have two small children who are scheduled to the nth degree. Spontaneity or any derivatives of the word do not enter our vocabulary. Tell me when you're having your function and we will do our best to be there, but do not plan around us! And for goodness sake's, if you pick a time and place, DON'T change it or it totally messes up everything else we have planned!

Where's My Hair?

As I mentioned I had my hair highlighted early this week. When I went to work the next time I taught my students saw my new do and they were a little surprised. You have to figure is little kids notice something new that it's got to be pretty drastic? My first hint should have been that my co-teacher didn't recognize me when I walked in the room. Anyway, while I was sitting at the play-doh table one of the little boys came up to me and asked me where was my hair? I told him this is my hair. He tells me "no, where did you leave your old hair, not the new hair?" I told him I left it at The Hair Store and left it at that. Sometimes it's easier to not over explain.

Party Week!

I just realized I will be a partying fool this week. Well, in so much that a PTA/scout mom can be a partying fool. I mean, we're not talking Animal House or anything, but pretty wild for me.

Z-boy's birthday is this week and we're having family/extended family over on Wednesday. Thursday I have my monthly Mom's Night for dinner and then pedicures. Friday I have my PTA Board end of the year soiree complete with food and adult beverages. Now this is the kind of over-scheduled week I like!

Catch you cats later!



Candy said...

The floors look absolutely gorgeous!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, I love the floors! They look so awesome. I bet you're glad just to have them finished.

Oh, BTW, Happy Mother's Day

Beth said...

LOVE the floors!!! I can't wait till we can justify ripping out our carpeting and fixing/sanding the wood. So now where's the picture of you're hair ;-)

Mama C said...

there you are!

I'm tired reading about all the stuff you're doing.
Need to see the hair. Those floors look fab!

Dy said...

The floors look awesome! I know my dh would be jealous, I may have to be, too.

JK said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new floors! I want pics of the new hair too! :)