Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Someone Didn't Get The Memo

Last night we took the kiddos trick-or-treating. We just hit a few of the people in houses around our block, most of whom we already know. We hit one or two houses that we didn't know, but seemed okay. Still as prudent parents (and because we wanted dibs on the good stuff) we went through the boys trick-or-treat bags before they were allowed to partake. Would you believe that there were two "homemade" goodies in their bag? One was a ziplock bag of popcorn and the other was a baggie of nuts. I thought everyone knew you don't give out non-factory-sealed stuff? I mean they totally drill into the kids at school so I thought the word was out.

Yeah, Halloween is done for another year! Now on to the unofficial start of the consumer spending season...or at least the retailers attempt to push this season. Indeed I've already heard holiday commericals on the radio this morning. Is it any wonder I'm getting more and more cynical?



1 comment:

Kami said...

Ew on the homemade stuff. Do they think that people will actually let their kids eat that?