Monday, November 14, 2005

Coupon Freak

I joined this local online group for getting the most out of coupons. These people are hard core. The main focus seems to be how to get something for free. Great goal if you need the item, but it seems some of these folks are getting stuff gratis that no one really wants. I mean how many bottles of generic Panteen shampoo does one household need at a time?

Now I did score pretty well on the local quad coupons up to $2, but now I have a gross ton of cereal (good thing my kids LOVE cereal and would eat it all the time if I let them) and juice. I did get a few Really Good Deals even if they weren't free.

I just don't see the point of running all over town to every discount drugstore, grocery store and specialty shop to save a few extra pennies and depending on what it is, even for free. I'm still finessing my approach to this coupon thing.


1 comment:

Dy said...

OMG - I am *so* glad it's not just me.

I joined up, too, and they are scarey hardcore.