Monday, November 07, 2005

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Flower

That's what I told my teacher in second grade. I think that's still true.

I'm once again facing the issue of what do I want to be when I grow up? Two things bring me make me ponder. One, my birthday is a comin'. It's a year that gives many people pause for thought I'm just wallowing in it. The other is this new thing Oprah's got going on about reinventing yourself.

Into what? The article says that sometimes people just fall into or back into their calling or a job that gives them joy. Okay. Then it goes on to say something about how we are not our job, but we are what is our joy or some crap like that. I'm so confused!

Who am I?

I was in the media, now I'm not. I'm a parent. I'm a teacher. I can't do what I did and I don't qualify to do what I want to do so where do I go? Ahhh, that's the question, Grasshopper!

Time to up my medication...


1 comment:

Beth said...

I've been having the same thoughts as of late. Let me know if the medication works, I might need some then!