Thursday, November 03, 2005

So Apparently Addiction IS Hereditary

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My youngest is constantly asking to go to Starbucks to get a Frappachino. He's come to expect it on the way to school, when we go to Target, because it's daylight...

Papa suspects I'm not trading my scrapbooking supply purchase habit for Starbuck's, but rather simply adding to my vices. He's right, but I won't tell him. I mean is there anything better than a trip to Michael's with a Cafe Vanilla or chai latte? I think not.

So I'll own the fact that I'm enabling my youngest. I'll happily supply him with his Frapp Fix. It's what any good mother would do in this situation.

Then DHW


Kami said...

UH oh.

Beth said...

Of course you can't just change you're addiction. The scrap-cult has too big of a hold on you. I don't see an Starbucks addiction as a negative myself though. I mean it makes you more productive in your day.