Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Child Labor Laws?

I have gotten to the point when the kids tell me they're bored or there is nothing to do that I will give them something to do. It ususally involves cleaning. I remind them there are no small jobs, just small people (like kids, I mutter under my breath).

Today after spending the last six uninterrupted hours with my son and 12 of his classmates I was spent of little people and their questions. So when Z-boy came in to ask if he could play on my computer (while I am on it, mind you) I frostily said no. Then he actually went without prompting and pulled a Clorox wipe out of the container and went to work. Look closely and you can see there is a also a pile of clothes he tossed in a pile from his and his brother's room. Sweet.

I think our next lesson will be about lawn maintenance.



Beth said...

Ok, I SO need to learn how to get them to do that!

JK said...