Monday, February 13, 2006

What Mommy Does

I went up to the school today to have lunch with J-boy. He got to invite a friend to sit at the guest table. He tells his friend, "my mom has three jobs: taking care of me and my brother, taking care of the class and teaching." That's kinda sweet. I think to myself, he does get me.

Fast forward to afterschool. J-boy says to me, "what else did you do today besides have lunch with me, take brother to school, bring the stuff for Valentine's day, go to the grocery store and make the goodie bags my class?"

What else indeed.



Dy said...


THAT is why I have girl children.

Even in their tender years men just don't get it.

Kami said...

Well? What'd ya do? Anything constructive?

MMC said...

At least he got the list right!